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Your Revenue Should Be Steady

Although there are changes and updates nearly happening daily, your revenue shouldn’t fluctuate like the rules. With the use of smart technology, skilled experts, and industry insights, we will ensure your revenue stays steady, consistent, and predictable through these wavering times. 

Tired of Juggling Revenue Tasks?

RCM Strategy toolkit

Tailored Solutions for Your Practice

Payor Enrollment

Ensuring your practice is enrolled with the right payors under the best contractual reimbursement rates and terms requires more than a simple tracking of your application.


One common denial for practices involves providers not credentialed during the first 90 days of employment. This causes delayed reimbursement and patient accessibility.

Medical Coding

With thousands of medical codes to describe your patient's condition and the treatment offered, it's necessary to have an expert by your side to avoid noncompliance.

Medical Billing

Clearinghouse, CCI edits, line modifications and payor rules are just a few steps necessary to have accurate billing. And we understand and love every bit of that process.

AR Follow Up

Your AR should not reach more than 30 days before you take action on where your money is. Let us focus on the payor obstacles while you focus on your thriving practice.

PT Collections

Patients may feel overwhelmed by the ever changing health plans and may not understand why they owe their physician any money. Let us worry about that as we educate and recoup.

Did You Know?


is available for providers that can increase your revenue?

claims are denied
0 %

for reasons that can be prevented and mitigated. Sadly most practices are unclear on how to address these and write them off unnecessarily

new payor audits

have been approved for 2024 thus far to focus on provider quality, prescription management, and quality care. Most providers are unaware of such risks 

calendar days

to receive reimbursement for your amazing work with your patients? This is simply unacceptable as professionals and we’re doing something about it

medical codes
0 %

are inaccurate when applied with a system only thus increasing your audit risk, impacting your revenue, and placing you in potential non-compliance with your payors

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