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Adherence to treatment plans can be difficult for kidney patients along with their care team, family, and friends. Now you have solutions that can serve everyone effectively and seamlessly. With remote clinical support teams youanhaaunique resources dedicated to the success of your patients while reducing the burden on your team and physicians
Making Quality Care More Feasible

Improving Outcomes While Reducing Burdens

Active patient involvement leads to improved outcomes and this is extremely important for ESRD and other complex renal complications. Offering tailored treatment plans based on individual genetic profiles and risk factors has never been easier and more profitable

That is where remote nephrology-focused clinical support comes in. Grab your free guide here.

What We Do With Pleasure

Improve Communication

With our endocrinology-focused patient engagement programs, we help bridge the gaps between your care team and patients ensuring they feel valued, heard, and understood throughout their healing journey

Increase & Optimize Revenue

Understanding the nuances in both coding, billing, and denial management, we ensure that your billing practices are up to standard and help decrease patient balances with effective communication techniques

Enhance Clinical Workflow

Whether you're a small office or a large hospital, we understand the importance of having standardization in your workflow and that is why we help fill in the gaps between your administrative and care team

Support Patients & providers

Providers shouldn't have to feel the burden of juggling caseloads and being a great doctor. And patients shouldn't feel overlooked due to a lack of time, resources, or attention to their needs. That is where we come in

Clinical Support Is here

Together, we will create better outcomes

Having a remote clinical team is easier than you think and can be implemented seamlessly in your practice in as little as 72 hours. 

Tele-Medicine Assistance

Triaging the patients before the provider comes online can help decrease the provider burden while increasing awareness of the patient's conditions while ensuring patients are heard


With our experienced remote support, we engage with referring physicians and facilities, creating a repertoire that will benefit your practice, future patients, and your pockets

Treatment Plan

Adhering to unique patient treatment plans can be executed effortlessly as our team works directly with your care team and ensures your patients are being compliant

Documentation Assistance

No need to have a separate transcriptionist as your remote clinical staff can dictate and review records before authentication thus reducing the provider's burden


Have an experienced resource who can explain in detail the plan for their loved ones without the need to rush through valuable information or impact your workflow

Increase Patient

With strategic engagement with potential patients, you can see immediate benefits in increasing visits thus improving your cashflow and practice sustainability, credibility, and recognition

Success That Impacts

Patient Compliance

Challenge: Struggle with patients missing dialysis sessions
Solution: Implementing a Patient Engagement Program for dialysis appts, Compliance improves by 30%, leading to fewer missed sessions
Implementation Time: 3 Days
Patient Education

Challenge: High Volume of Patient Education Needs
Solution: Remote Support actively educates patients about fluid management As a result, hospital admissions due to fluid overload decreased by 20%.
Implementation Time: 2 Days
Diabetic Neuropathy Care

Challenge: Care Plans for Diabetic Neuropathy Patients
Solution: Remote Support implements personalized care plans for diabetic nephropathy patients reducing HbA1c levels and slower progression to ESRD
Implementation Time: 7 Days

Expertise Matters Every Time

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