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Ardur Technology is a Multi-Faceted organization offering diverse global business services like Title Insurance, Appraisal Services, Medical Insurance, Accounting, End to End Revenue Cycle Managemennt (RCM) and Remote Clinical Services.

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The Complete Solution

The Complete Solution is here from healthcare, business process optimization, IT, and aircraft services, we have experts in multiple verticals with utmost quality and delivery excellence.

IoT & Cloud Services

With a variety of IT expertise, we offer value in the following areas and more:
Application Migration to the Cloud: Re-host applications to the cloud, re-engineer applications for the cloud or replace them with COTS cloud options

Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud Management Services: Options include public cloud hosting such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, client-hosted private cloud, or Cognizant cloud infrastructure

Consulting & Solution Development

Application Development

System Integration


Software Development 

Mobile Testing

Security Testing

Performance Testing


and many more




The process of converting large amounts of unstructured raw data, retrieved from different sources to a data product useful for organizations forms the core of Big Data Analytics. That’s where we come in:

Enterprise Data Warehouse
Data Archiving

ELT Offload Architecture

Datastore, Governance & Security Management

Self Service BI / Discovery

Data Science

Strategy & Roadmap

Prototyping & Tool Evaluation

Data Integration, access & services

Construction & Go-Live Enablement


Real-time Ingestion

Scalable Data Processing & Storage

Analytics, Dash-boarding & Alerting

Healthcare & Clinical Support

With the US healthcare industry changing and evolving so rapidly, we have been at the forefront of ensuring healthcare professionals stay competitive, sustainable, and profitable. We do this through customized solutions for their Revenue Cycle Management processes including

Medical Billing

Medical Coding


Denial Management

AR follow-up and Strategy.

In addition, we understand the value of effective patient communication and through our seamless Patient Engagement Programs coupled with Remote Clinical Support, we believe the future of modern health excellence starts today.

Our Vision

Excellence Over Everything

Our vision is to become a premier and preferred partner to our clients by being a global provider of top-notch business outsourcing services across several verticals.

We strive to establish and present customized business outsourcing solutions that are affordable and steer the outcomes you need.

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With experts worldwide, we are confident we can guide you to a better future and sustainable business.

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