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Overcome Your Denials With Strategy

With nearly 30% of clams being denied pre and post billing, it’s time to have predictive solutions with tangible results

Tired of Working and Being Denied Payment?

Denial Management toolkit

What Are Your Options?


A prebill denial review will allow you to catch when the claim may be potentially denied and address the billing or coding concerns proactively resulting in lower denial rates with payer


Post bill occurs when you have submitted the claim for reibursement yet the payer has denied all or some of the cliam charges requiring you to go back and rework the claim


Predictive denial analysis is when you can predict today, your future denials thus allowing you to not only address such proactively but plan for your financial future

Are You Trapped?

Providers are now utilizing more technology to help prevent and mitigate denials resulting in faster reimbursement times and fewer human error concerns. Those who are not adapting such technology are consistently being targeted by payers causing a never-ending reimbursement nightmare.

Optimizing Your Denial Process

& outcomes

Timely Reimbursement

No more waiting to be paid for your work and then hoping it's the right amount

decrease payor focus

Get the payor off your back and their radar by staying off the grid from their audits

more satisfied patients

Fewer denials mean less money out of the pockets of your patients

predictive success

Knowing your financial state will help prepare for future advancements
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